Nissan Fleetail Program

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The Nissan Fleetail Program is here.

The Nissan Fleetail 2.0 Program can lower operating costs and improve your bottom line by offering incredible new lease and purchase options, special financing, and a superior lineup of vehicles to accommodate your business needs.

Increase your purchasing power

The Nissan Fleetail 2.0 Program gives your business a huge advantages:

  • Partner with an authorized Nissan dealer for your small fleet needs.
  • Get access to special Nissan fleet incentives and rebates.
  • Acquire additional fleet vehicles outside of annual purchasing cycles.
  • Get access to expedited delivery on orders of less than 50 vehicles.

The Fleetail 2.0 perfect for smaller fleets. Businesses with large fleets can enjoy many benefits as well, especially with full incentives available on all spot buys!

What you need to know:

  • All Nissan models are eligible for purchase in the Fleetail 2.0 program, with the exception of the GT-R.
  • Must provide a VALID fleet certification code and purchase a minimum of two vehicles within the last model year.
  • Must have a pre-existing fleet certification code and current model year fleet agreement.