The Nissan Versa Note is the hatchback hybrid from the Japanese automaker. The Nissan Versa is the larger compact, while the Note is a smaller model that has both two-door and four-door options. The Note’s trim has a 1.6-liter engine that gets incredible fuel economy on the road, as high as 39 mpg on the highway. In addition, the SV CVT is a performance-enhanced engine for those who want to zip down the highway.

The Versa Note was made to match the efficiency of the compact European market. The Note is quite stylish and comes with a front-wheel drive. With lots of different sporty looks, Nissan has been upgrading its economy cars with more features and performance abilities. The Versa Note is the perfect car for someone who needs a quick everyday vehicle to get around town or if you want to get an affordable, economic car to start with.

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