What to do if You Suspect Your Cabin or Engine Air Filters Get Clogged

Your cabin and engine air filters serve an important purpose for your vehicle. Not only do they keep you safe and your vehicle efficient, but they also help to make your driving experience more pleasant. If you need to replace your filters, you can trust the Nissan service professionals here at our Worthington, OH dealership to help you out.

The signs of an old or failing filter aren't always readily apparent. There are no big warning signs that point you to a filter replacement, but it's an important part of routine vehicle maintenance. When your air filter gets clogged up with particulates, you'll need to replace it right away to ensure safe air quality in your vehicle's cabin, for example. Our team can take out your filter and replace it with the correct component.

If you need to schedule your manufacturer-recommended maintenance or if you would like to learn more about the filters we carry for your engine or cabin, contact the service team at Nissan North.

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