Why Are Vent Caps so Important?

Your vehicle cooling system is an amazing collection of different parts that must work together to keep your engine temperatures within manageable ranges. Some of these parts are small in size, but they nevertheless have very important jobs to do.

One such part is called the radiator vent cap. This component fits over an opening in the radiator and has connections to overflow tanks and relief valves. If your coolant becomes too hot and your engine fluid pressure becomes too high, the vent caps kick into action and allow this excess pressure to bleed off. This action prevents the radiator, the hoses, and other parts from succumbing to pressure-damage.

In addition to this, the vent cap helps to maintain your cooling system circuit at a certain pressure level. This helps to prevent the coolant from boiling over and losing effectiveness.

Your vent cap and the rest of your cooling system needs regular maintenance checks, and at our Worthington, OH Nissan service location, we have skilled and experienced cooling system experts eager to apply their skills to your vehicle. Swing by Nissan North today for a fast and no-obligation visit.

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