The Nissan Sentra is one vehicle from Nissan that immediately gives off the impression it's here to change the game. From its new design to its inclusion of a wide variety of features—which range from cosmetic to efficient to luxurious—the Nissan Sentra is establishing itself as a staple of the American sedan market.

So what exactly makes us here at Nissan North so impressed with the Sentra? Well, besides just looking like your dream sedan, the Sentra actually lives up to that hope. With crisp power and performance mixed with drivability that feels too good to be true, the Sentra is a mystery that you have to keep driving to figure out. Not only does the Sentra come with multiple engine choices so that you can choose how much power to fuel your life with, but the Sentra also offers as many technical features as you could dream up.

With an exterior that dazzles as quickly as you can get a view, the Sentra is obviously great at making a first impression. It's clear that engineers at Nissan painstakingly designed every portion of the Sentra, from its finely sculpted body to its uniquely chiseled decorative features.

The Sentra's interior amenities are more proof that this vehicle makes driving around Columbus, OH more enjoyable. Its comfortable seating and technology make the interior as hard to leave as you'd imagine—a premium audio system and easy device connectivity make both entertaining yourself and your passengers throughout Dublin an easy and manageable task. Plus, charging your device is as simple as ever with the Sentra.

Test Drive a Nissan Sentra

While it's hard to judge a car without having experienced it firsthand, the Sentra makes a name for itself. If you're intrigued by everything the Sentra is offering, then consider investigating this unique vehicle for yourself in person.

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