The Nissan Kicks is a stylish, roomy, and peppy crossover SUV. This vehicle includes many proprietary components and features that allow it to perform well under many conditions. That said, it also includes options that work to improve driver awareness and thus overall performance. These awareness boosting features include LED headlights, intelligent headlight technology, and specialized fog light designs.

Driving vehicles at night can be hazardous due to decreased visibility levels, but the Nissan Kicks fights against this tendency with its LED headlight system. LED headlights operate at higher color temperatures than incandescent lights, and can thus increase driver visual fields, awareness, and reaction time.

The Nissan Kicks also uses intelligent headlight technology to control these LED beams. This system brings several important capabilities to the table, and these include the capability to auto dim high beams in response to oncoming traffic.

Backing up the intelligent LED headlight system are the Nissan Kicks fog lights. These special lights are designed to cut through moisture and fog during low visibility situations.



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