Explore the Interior of the Stylish Nissan Maxima

There are many different features in new vehicles, and everybody seems to have different priorities when shopping. Some people purchase a new vehicle with the amount of power and horsepower that is under the hood in mind. Other people are very focused on the exterior styling of a vehicle. When it comes to the 2018 Nissan Maxima, you can focus on the interior which is incredibly impressive and comes with everything you could ever want.

The center console is designed with drivers in mind. You can angle the center area towards your driver's seat so you have better control. The center of the dash has a touch screen system that allows you to view your rear view camera, sound system and much more. You'll enjoy heated leather seating and the colors and materials inside of the Nissan Maxima is soft, rich and luscious. Stop down to Nissan North today to take a closer look!

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