Keep Your Nissan in Alignment

Here at Nissan North in Worthington, we recognize that not all drivers know the value of keeping their cars in alignment. Whether you chase your dreams in a sedan or SUV, chances are that you'll experience an alignment issue at some point if you don't schedule the manufacturer-recommended maintenance. While alignment issues can be obvious, as in the case of a vibrating steering wheel or veering to one side, other symptoms of an out of alignment vehicle are less obvious.

You may not experience the pull or vibration, and may instead notice uneven wear on your tires. Your tread should wear evenly, and if not, a tire rotation and alignment could be in order. Your vehicle needs regular rotations and alignments to help you avoid unnecessary damage to your struts, wheels, and underside of your car. A professional at our Nissan service department can help you get back on the roads safely. Contact us today!

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