Understand Your Dashboard Warning Lights

Your dashboard warning lights can be kind of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is nice that your car, truck, or SUV is monitoring your critical systems for you and letting you know if it detects an issue. But on the other hand, seeing one illuminate can sure give you a sinking feeling.

The most important thing you can do when one comes on is to have an understanding of what they mean.

For example, if you see a red oil can-shaped light come on, that means that your vehicle has detected a drop in oil pressure. This can sometimes be fixed with just a simple oil change. It could also mean that the sensor is having issues.

An exclamation point inside of a circle shows that your vehicle has detected an issue somewhere in your braking system. This could just be because you are low on brake fluid, or it could mean that you have an issue somewhere with your anti-lock brakes and need to get it in for service.

The check engine light is pretty broad, but when it comes on the system will send a code to your vehicle's main computer to help the service technician chase down the problem. If this happens, your best option is to bring your vehicle into our service center here at Nissan North in Worthington, OH and let one of our highly qualified technicians take a look and get you back out on the road safely.

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