Make Holiday Travel Easier with These Tips

Traveling long distances in your vehicle will always have challenges, but having your car serviced beforehand and following a plan will ensure your trip goes smoothly and as scheduled.

Before beginning your trip, bring your car to Nissan North so we can get it ready for a long drive. We'll rotate and check your tires for proper tread and air pressure levels. While we have your vehicle, we'll change your oil and check your vehicle's other essential fluids. Always check your spare tire or fix-a-flat kit. Traffic is at its heaviest during the holiday season and it is crucial to have patience and allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Always update your vehicle's navigation system to the most current version and map out your route before leaving.

Traveling during the holidays is simplest when you are in a comfortable environment. Call us today and let us show you new vehicles with features essential to traveling.

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